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Drive Safely

By | August 29, 2006

This is probably the way to go with USB drives — security features that the user has to follow, or else the device won’t work.  Verbatim’s new Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure USB Drives’ mandatory security features safeguard all device contents with a complex password. Hack resistant feature locks down device after 10 failed logon attempts, protecting your… Read More »

How To Run Programs From a USB Drive

By | September 16, 2005

Great comment from Fausto Di-Trapani on my posting An Updated Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives. Fausto points to a great little program that removes the need to browse through sub-folders when running applications from a USB drive: Being an extensive traveller, a portable computing environment is a MUST. A great little program I came across is… Read More »

U3’s First USB Program?

By | August 10, 2005

So far the U3 initiative — where manufacturers agree on a standard way to have programs running from USB thumb drives — has been more bark than bite. But here’s an announcement that provides a little nibble of the potential: StealthSurfer II, its manufacturers announce, is now Compatible with U3 Platform. StealthSurfer II will be compatible with the… Read More »

More Software on a Stick

By | July 23, 2005

A bunch of useful USB-drive-oriented software for windows: Wipe usb drive software by Proxymis Multimedia and others I haven’t tried any of them, but plenty to choose from. My expanding directory of USB drive programs is here. Related Posts:The Future: Software on a Stick September 27, 2005 Computer-On-a-Stick July 25, 2005 Lotus Notes, Webaroo on a Stick November… Read More »