How To Run Programs From a USB Drive

By | September 16, 2005

Great comment from Fausto Di-Trapani on my posting An Updated Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives. Fausto points to a great little program that removes the need to browse through sub-folders when running applications from a USB drive:

Being an extensive traveller, a portable computing environment is a MUST. A great little program I came across is RUNit. It is a little program launcher with all its settings stored in an ini file (portable). I wrote a little batch file to edit the ini file to refer to new locations of programs when the drive letter changes, so far this little program has been the most useful of the lot for me as it allows me to easily access all my portable apps without having to browse through folders.

Thanks, Fausto. Actually RUNit looks like an interesting program in its own right.

3 thoughts on “How To Run Programs From a USB Drive

  1. Mike

    If you wanted to avoid having to run a launcher to get to your program, you could try using a batch file. This is what I’ve got (to run GIMP on my usb flash drive):

    start ..GIMPbingimp-2.2.exe

    Simple, and it works. The batch file can be anywhere on the USB drive, too.
    *sigh* I’m so easily amazed/amused/confused.

  2. punkin

    it would be helpful if you gave specific info on how to run PROGRAMS… all programs… BE A LIttle more specific for the newbies…


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