U3’s First USB Program?

By | August 10, 2005

So far the U3 initiative — where manufacturers agree on a standard way to have programs running from USB thumb drives — has been more bark than bite. But here’s an announcement that provides a little nibble of the potential: StealthSurfer II, its manufacturers announce, is now Compatible with U3 Platform.

StealthSurfer II will be compatible with the U3 smart drive computing platform. The StealthSurfer II allows consumers to surf the Web with anonymity while simultaneously protecting surfers from identity theft and phishing and pharming spam attacks. StealthSurfer II’s Internet surfing protection suite can be carried on any U3-powered smart drive so it can be launched on any PC running Windows XP or 2000 for a highly mobile and secure computing experience. Consumers can now enjoy Web browsing protection available anywhere on their U3 smart drive.

This seems to offer some significant benefits:

By partnering with U3, Stealth Ideas’ integrated suite of portability and privacy software is no longer tied to a single USB flash drive manufacturer. In addition, the security aspects of the U3 platform are harmonious with the rigorous standards of the StealthSurfer software. The U3 platform also supports encrypted files and folders, and sign-on and password protection and management.

Certainly if you’re going to use public Internet terminals, or your office, to surf the web, it makes sense to be as anonymous as possible. I haven’t tested this product yet, though I plan to.

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