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Another Business Model

By | February 17, 2006

My friend and fellow technology columnist Charles Wright is exploring a new business model to support his work: Support us, and get a nice reward The beginnings of a business plan are beginning to emerge, here in the Bleeding Edge cave. We’ve decided that we’re not going to get much in the way of income, unless we can… Read More »

How To Get A Good Idea Part II

By | May 19, 2005

Nowadays I get three days in the office to do part of my job, editing The Asian Wall Street Journal’s print edition of the Personal Journal (great piece in tomorrow’s edition, by the way, on South Korean female blogging by Lina Yoon (I noticed the Sydney Morning Herald also did something on this earlier this month, as observed… Read More »

Phishy Behaviour Down Under

By | April 13, 2005

I don’t really need to introduce this piece from Sam Varghese of the Sydney Morning Herald. It touches on a theme I’ve harped on before: How banks still don’t understand phishing and how it has changed consumer attitudes, and how it must change the way banks approach the Internet. Phishy behaviour or harmless spin points to emails sent… Read More »

Beware Evaman

By | July 5, 2004

The Sydney Morning Herald is warning of a new Doomsday with ”a new internet virus is expected to clog mail servers, cause severe slowdown and wreak financial damage as it spreads rapidly around the world when businesses return to work today”. It is a mass-mailer worm called Evaman, and Symantec is likening it to MyDoom, using a false email… Read More »