Another Business Model

By | February 17, 2006

My friend and fellow technology columnist Charles Wright is exploring a new business model to support his work: Support us, and get a nice reward

The beginnings of a business plan are beginning to emerge, here in the Bleeding Edge cave. We’ve decided that we’re not going to get much in the way of income, unless we can offer services or information beyond all the free stuff. So we’ll start with the digital copy of the Bleeding Edge columns. The columns will no longer appear on The Age and Sydney Morning Herald web sites. Instead, we’ll offer an entire year of them – emailed directly to subscribers – for a $15 annual fee.

They’ll include more information than appears in the print version, which is all too often cut for space reasons. And we’ll round out the offering with additional bits and pieces that we come across after the columns are printed.

It’ll be very interesting to see how it goes. Like Charles, I’m a journalist cum blogger turned independent operative with some institutional backing, so we’re there on the bleeding edge of trying to eke a reputable living on a fast changing stage. Best of luck with it, Charles.

One thought on “Another Business Model

  1. Tom Pimental

    Hmmmm… this sounds a step backwards. Will the next business model involve stamps and the postal service?


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