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The Third Screen Talks to the Second

Nokia has finally woken up to the potential of connecting its phones to a computer. I’ve written elsewhere about the PC Suite, but its latest version has made some great strides in allowing you to use the computer to manage and monitor your cellphone. The vision is a simple, and yet elusive, one. We work… Read More »

Technology and Getting A Life

Why do I like technology? Well, I don’t, actually. I think back wistfully do the days before computers and my love affair with the typewriter and my newspaper cuttings library (which I still have, weirdly.) But technology isn’t going away, so rejecting it is a bit like rejecting clothing. But if I was being honest,… Read More »

The Skype Marketplace Gets A Dating Service

In my AWSJ/WSJ.com column on Skype a few weeks back (subscription only; sorry) I talked about how Skype might change the way we communicate online — in part by introducing lots of interesting new business models. Well, it seems to have started. German website Someonenew.com has today announced it has launched a dating website using… Read More »

News: Trademarks, Slaps In The Face and McJobs

 An interesting tale that is not that technology-oriented, but illustrates how stories now tend to unfold in real time, in front of everyone, leaving less and less wiggle-room for companies and institutions involved. Merriam-Webster, The Register says, is revising a web page for its online Collegiate Dictionary after a McDonalds executive complained about the inclusion… Read More »