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Watching TV With The Community

Been watching the veep debates on Livestation, which has an interesting feature: a live chat connected to the program with some LiveStation folks guiding the discussion. It works pretty well: It’s great to be able to watch TV with a bunch of other people, though I had one eye on that chat, and one eye… Read More »

The Skype Marketplace Gets A Dating Service

In my AWSJ/WSJ.com column on Skype a few weeks back (subscription only; sorry) I talked about how Skype might change the way we communicate online — in part by introducing lots of interesting new business models. Well, it seems to have started. German website Someonenew.com has today announced it has launched a dating website using… Read More »

The Idea of Availability

I can’t remember who I was talking about this to but, stuck at the airport Starbucks again I thought I’d blog my thoughts while they’re not too addled by caffeine. I have Skype, I have Packet8, I have GPRS, I have landlines, I have Instant Messaging. So why is IM the smartest of the bunch?… Read More »

The Ugly Instant Messenger

I’m a big fan of Trillian, the IM aggregator, but I had to download and install AIM, AOL’s Instant Messenger last night for an abortive video conference. Sheesh, what a monster it is (AIM, not the conference). Do AOL and the other biggies still not get it? For sure, Trillian is something of a parasite.… Read More »