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The Third Screen Talks to the Second

By | September 1, 2008

Nokia has finally woken up to the potential of connecting its phones to a computer. I’ve written elsewhere about the PC Suite, but its latest version has made some great strides in allowing you to use the computer to manage and monitor your cellphone. The vision is a simple, and yet elusive, one. We work on our computers… Read More »

It’s Not the “Death” of Microsoft, it’s the “Death” of Software

By | April 9, 2007

Paul Graham writes an interesting obituary of Microsoft, killed off, as he sees it, by applications that sit in your browser. It’s just a matter of time, he says, before every application we need can grabbed off the server. This is the kind of established wisdom of Web 2.0 folks these days that prompts only howls of “old… Read More »

Markets May Be Conversations, But Weird Ones

By | February 19, 2006

My conversations with some quite senior PR people are often somewhat bizarre: stilted, me trying not to sound like I’m the ghost in their machine, the castle-wall destroyer, them so defensive about their product and brand they could easily be replaced by robots. Cluetrain Manifesto should be required reading for these guys. Or at least Micropersuasion. Recently, inspired… Read More »

More Search Tools

By | December 13, 2003

Search seems to be this week’s Thang. eWeek reports that Groxis is about to launch a new version of its desktop software that can retrieve results from multiple search engines and instantly categorize them. Rather than returning a simple list of results, Grokker 2 groups them into various categories that are displayed in a visual map of icons,… Read More »