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Software: Another Spam Service…

By | August 12, 2003

 Once more reinforcing the impression this is spamblog central, here’s another product that promises to rid you of spam (99.5% of it to be precise). PrismEmail.com was launched today by Vault Information Services (VIS) — it can be used with any operating system or email program, doesn’t require that anything be installed on the user’s computer, and works… Read More »

News: The RIAA Are After You

By | July 26, 2003

If you’re in the U.S., and have ever used Grokster, KaZaa or another file sharing program to download mp3 files, expect a call. The RIAA are out to get you, and they don’t care whether you’re a granny. According to Associated Press, one 50 year-old grandfather in California was shocked to learn this week that the RIAA had… Read More »

News: Seems A Lot Of Folk Get Fired Over Email

By | July 24, 2003

A new survey, the 2003 E-Mail Rules, Policies and Practices Survey from the American Management Association, Clearswift and The ePolicy Institute, reckons that 22% of employers have fired employees for violating email policy. That seems kinda harsh. What are people doing with their email? Here are some stats: – 52% of U.S. companies monitor incoming and outgoing e-mail… Read More »

News: Court says Gator-style ads are legal

By | July 7, 2003

  Good news for Gator, the adware company I wrote about a few weeks back. According to CNET News.com a federal court has ruled that pop-up ads for rivals of U-Haul International, placed atop the moving company’s own site by a third-party software application from WhenU.com, are legal.     Although the case doesn’t involve Gator Corp, it may well… Read More »