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Email Goes Unlimited

By | August 15, 2004

First there was Gmail, with its 1 gigabyte email storage service. Now unveiled today, there’s AlienCamel, an Australian email service claiming to be the first to offer unlimited email storage. First off, a declaration of interest: I’ve been using AlienCamel for a while, and have gotten to the know the guy behind the service, Sydney Low. But I have to… Read More »

Spammers’ Shopfront Vigilantism, Part II

By | February 25, 2004

Further to my previous posting, here’s another way to keep the spammers out by checking out the links they want you to go to. Sophos, the British virus people, say that their year old URL filtering “continues to prove to be an enormous success”. The filtering basically collects known spam sites and bans any email which contains them somewhere… Read More »

Wendy, Greg and Mimail

By | December 4, 2003

 Got my first Mimail-L virus email this morning. The social engineering is excellent. The header looks credible, the subject and address line plausible and the email itself is readable, literate and, while pornographic, a compelling storyline. It also got past my Bayesian spam filter which is unusual.   My conclusion: this could be a nasty one.

News: Microsoft Takes Aim At Junk, Document Search

By | November 17, 2003

 Microsoft’s Bill Gates has announced new junk e-mail filtering technology called SmartScreen. AP reports the technology will use algorithms to judge whether incoming e-mail messages qualify as junk e-mail and filter them out before they get to the end user’s e-mailbox.   More interesting, Gates demonstrated Microsoft Research’s Stuff I’ve Seen project, which is developing a tool for… Read More »

Mail: Apple Chomps Spam

By | August 14, 2003

 This from reader Rulf Neigenfind about Windows, Macs and Spam: “You have certainly heard about the built-in mail client in Mac OS X that comes with an AI equipped spam filter. This filter uses “adaptive latent semantic analysis” to identify junk mail and works amazingly well. Once more I can only state how lucky I am that I’m… Read More »