Another E-mail Tracking Option

By | February 6, 2005

I use MessageTag to let me know whether recipients have got my email or not, and while I still wonder about the privacy implications, complaints have been few and far between. A new version, I’m told, is on its way.

Another option is DidTheyReadIt, which some folk (including myself) feel is far more intrusive: For one thing, recipients won’t know you’re tracking when/whether/how long for and where they’re looking at your email. 

But there is another option: Mailinfo. Mailinfo takes quite an ethical approach:  We believe in full disclosure. That means that a recipient of an email, sent by a Mailinfo user, is informed of the use of Mailinfo and what does it mean. Not just that: Therefore we made it a principle that in order to enjoy the service a user has to accommodate others wish to enjoy the service as well – namely a user can not use Mailinfo and at the same time use the mailinfo Confirmation Blocker.

Sadly, Maininfo only works with Microsoft Outlook. But it is free, and the homepage indicates they’re thinking about versions for other e-mail clients.

2 thoughts on “Another E-mail Tracking Option

  1. john

    As a technological idiot, I’m wondering if anyone might have some advice for me or might have similar experiences re: the Mailinfo system.

    Someone regularly writes to me using this system so he sees the approx. location of where I’m reading his email from. Recently, he wrote to someone else, a stranger, and when that person opened the email, the receipt said it was from MY location! This is not possible. So apparently Mailinfo fucked up and assigned my location to another receipt somehow. Now my friend thinks that the other recipient is me trying to disguise myself. This is wreaking havoc in my relationhsip with my friend. Mailinfo’s website has contact info, but I’ve had no luck getting contacted back. Is this familiar to anyone? DOes such a mistake seem possible to people who get the technology better than me?

    Thanks for any thoughts,

  2. Pete Dixon

    I have another beef with Mailinfo. For one thing there is already a reply requested feature in email. If someone really needs to know if I got there mail they can use that and I’ll decide if I want to tell them. Also, the notification idea is flawed. I don’t want to be bothered with redundant messages like this.

    I contacted Mailinfo with my concerns and they told me to run regedit on my system to block them. Ridiculous! They need an optout facility like everyone else.


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