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Website Members Take Over Football Club

By | November 13, 2007

A new model of football ownership? The BBC website reports that Fans’ community website MyFootballClub has agreed a deal to take over Blue Square Premier outfit Ebbsfleet United. The 20,000 MyFootballClub members have each paid £35 to provide a £700,000 takeover pot and they will all own an equal share in the club. Members will have a vote… Read More »

FriendsReunited, At a Price

By | October 9, 2007

  Before Facebook, we had to find our friends on FriendsReunited, a very successful UK site that achieved critical mass but had one flaw: users had to pay to communicate with each other. It only struck me now that there’s something a little unethical about that. Take, for example, what just happened to me: someone I haven’t seen… Read More »

Revenge of the Bollards

By | December 1, 2006

Is it a design fault, or is there some malice afoot in the Bollards War? The UK city of Manchester has introduced something called ‘retractable bollards’ (non UK folk may call them posts) that sink into the ground when an approved vehicle approaches. (Sensors trigger the bollard’s retraction.) Great idea, right, since it means that buses and mail vans… Read More »

Directory of RSI Software

By | November 9, 2006

This is the first in a number of posts about RSI, or Repetitive Strain Injury, the subject of this week’s column, out tomorrow. Here is a collection of software designed to ease RSI. RSI software tries to help in a number of ways: working out how long you’ve been at the keyboard and reminds you to take breaks;… Read More »