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Driver Phishing

By | October 20, 2009

Maybe because it’s early in the morning, but I fell for this little scam pretty easily. I’m going to call it “driver phishing” because it has all the hallmarks of a phishing attack, although it’s probably legal. I’m looking for the latest drivers for my Logitech webcam, so I type in Logitech QuickCam driver in Google. An ad… Read More »

Banks, Phishing And A Dereliction Of Responsibility

By | November 14, 2004

Online commerce suffers from one major flaw: It’s online. That means we need to use computers (or computer-like devices, such as cellphones). It means we need to use the Internet. Together this is a lethal cocktail. And for online banking, it just may mean it is fatal. Online banking, for example, is not like using an ATM. Or… Read More »

When Phishing Cuts Communications

By | August 11, 2004

Phishing has made it inadvisable for institutions like banks and financial sites to use email to communicate with customers. Doing so would just confuse them more and raise the likelihood they would be fooled by a phish. But what about ordinary institutions like schools and colleges? The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported earlier this week (payment required) that officials at… Read More »

Update: The Citibank Robbery

By | July 17, 2003

  A bit more on that backdoor Trojan that made me think Citibank didn’t like me anymore: Symantec’s website says it’s a brand new version, and seems to only appear in a Citibank form. No wonder I couldn’t find it on Google. Symantec call it Backdoor.Berbew. Other names:  Downloader-DI [McAfee] TrojanProxy.Win32.Webber.10 [KAV] Troj/Webber-A [Sophos] I thought everyone had agreed to… Read More »