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Banks To Customers: You Have To Pay For Phishing

By | June 4, 2005

Good article in Australia’s BRW Magazine about phishing and banks. It makes some important points, not least that banks are still trying to talk down the problem while at the same time passing costs and risk onto the customer: Banks are desperate to assure their customers that internet banking is safe. But their actions are not comforting. Three of… Read More »

Phishers Force UK Banks To Delay Transfers

By | May 14, 2005

Another sign that phishing is taking its toll on the quality of service banks can offer online customers: The Times reports that UK banks are introducing delays in intra-bank payments to try to combat fraudulent transfers caused by phishing attacks: This week Barclays introduced a one-day delay for transfers. A spokeswoman said: “This delay enables us to carry out… Read More »

Phishing Pushes Banking To Impose Transfer Limits

By | May 3, 2005

Internet banking takes another knock with news from AP that Germany’s biggest retail bank Postbank has imposed an online transaction limit . Germany’s biggest retail bank, Postbank, said Monday it was imposing a euro3,000 (US$3,860) limit on online transfers in an effort to protect customers against e-mail “phishing” scams. The bank, which has 11.5 million depositors and is… Read More »

Internet Banking And The Threat From Within

By | March 23, 2005

Saw a chilling presentation today from Fabrice A Marie of FMA-RMS at the Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 conference in Jakarta. Fabrice talked about Hacking Intenet Banking Applications, something he does for a living on behalf of banks around the region. Bottom line: They’re easy to hack. Of 15 banks’ application assessments he worked on in the past… Read More »