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Big, or Bigger: Southeast Asia’s Tech Economy in 2025

By | October 11, 2019

Google and Temasek have been taking a crack at estimating and predicting the size of Southeast Asia’s ecommerce economy for the past four years, starting in 2016 (yes, I know that’s three years but they’ve put out four reports, the latest this week, so there.)  I’ve not had a close look at this report, there’s obviously some good… Read More »

Connected cows, cars and crockery prod chip mega mergers

By | June 9, 2015

My Reuters piece attempting to place the recent chip mergers in a longer timeline. Yes, I hate the term internet of things too.  Connected cows, cars and crockery prod chip mega mergers | Reuters: SINGAPORE/TAIPEI | BY JEREMY WAGSTAFF AND MICHAEL GOLD Chip companies are merging, signing $66 billion worth of deals this year alone in preparation for… Read More »

BBC: Cluetraining Disruption

By | February 27, 2015

Has technology, convinced of its own rectitude, lost its sense of moral direction?  Disruptive innovation is one of those terms that worms its way into our vocabulary, a bit like built-in obsolescence or upselling. It’s become the mantra of the tech world, awhich sees its author Clayton Christensen, as a sort of messiah of the changes we’re seeing in… Read More »