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By | October 13, 2005

A great example of finding more interesting and informative ways of presenting news: Daden Consulting’s NewsGlobe (via Google Earth Blog and Bleeding Edge) :

It takes the stories from an RSS news feed, then checks the words in each story title against a list of countries and cities on the Earth. Any matches will result in placemark being placed on GoogleEarth, along with the news item title. You can then click on the placemark to read the summary, then then click through to the original story.

I like it. I think this kind of thing will become standard on news sites in the future as news organisations realise the day of the simple headline and story is dead.

One thought on “News on a Map

  1. chaerani

    neat! i wonder when there will be geo-wiki, where geographically arranged information can be edited in a wikipedia manner. so far you can insert info to google earth through keyhole forum, or geotagged it using flickr.. but those info are not editable by other people. wiki platform would be nice to fill this gap.


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