Monthly Archives: February 2005

Another Plaxo?

Judith Meskill at the socialsoftware blog points out that BusinessWeek Online is Gaga over Bebo and wonders: Is there something I am missing here? How is different than The service that so very many have grown to love to hate? Why would we all fall in love with Bebo whilst loathing Plaxo? I… Read More »

A Free Zone Alarm?

For firewalls, I always recommend Zone Alarm from ZoneLabs. To my mind it’s still the best and most intuitive firewall around. But most people only need the free version. And that’s where the problem is. Why do ZoneLabs make it so hard for ordinary users to download it? Readers and friends who have tried to… Read More »

Firefox Glitiches, Set Default Browser Solutions, And Other Monday Morning Issues

Another Monday morning, another irritant. This time it’s one of those annoyances in Windows XP that should have been sorted out long ago: Setting a browser as your default browser is no piece of cake. Everything else Internet-related is, from the default editor you might want to use to how you want to handle calendar… Read More »