Starbucks Comes To Tsunami-hit Aceh

By | February 23, 2005

Indonesians don’t have much time for trademarks, copyright and all that kind of thing, but they do have a great sense of humour and a resilience that inspires. Here’s a new cafe that has just opened for business near the airport in Aceh’s Meulaboh, one of the worst hit areas:


(picture courtesy of Radio68H. The full-sized picture is here. )

Warkop is Indonesian short-speak for warung kopi, or coffee stall. I love the scene, the plastic containers of kerupuk (thanks, Wicak!) and donuts, the expression on the face of the guy hanging out on the right, the ears on the little fella sitting at the back on the left, and I just hope that Starbucks, which is contributing to tsunami relief, doesn’t take umbrage. I calculate the nearest Starbucks to Meulaboh is in Medan, about 350 km away, so I don’t think they’re going to be attracting away custom. Still, as one wag pointed out to a friend who spotted the picture: ‘This Starbucks has wireless too. Absolutely no wires.’

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Comes To Tsunami-hit Aceh

  1. wicak

    Jeremy, i believe your spell checker missed on the accepted spelling of kerupuk. K E R U P U K. The usually shrimp flavored cracker that goes oh so well with fried rice.
    loved the wireless comment. Actually I wouldnt be surprised if you took a WiFi notebook and would be able to access a WAP there. I believe a lot of the telecomm/ ISP in the Aceh, Meulaboh area are putting up free (for now) hotspots everywhere.

  2. Betty

    this pic is very impressed.. i hope that this small starbucks heals those people’s hurt for a moment..


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