Indonesian Tsunami Relief Effort

By | December 29, 2004

I’m not in Indonesia at the moment, but my thoughts are with those tens of thousands of people in Aceh and the rest of Sumatra island, coping with the aftereffects of the tsunami. For those of you wishing to make contributions to the relief effort, one organisation is worth considering: Radio 68H, a network of independent radio stations throughout Indonesia with a strong presence in Aceh.

They have set up a fund (Indonesian only; English language page to be available soon) to help (as far as I know it’s in rupiah):

Name: PT Media Lintas Inti Nusantara
Bank: BCA
Branch: Utan Kayu, Jakarta
Number: 5800091090

I feel confident they will use the money frugally and wisely.


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  1. Jeremy

    Here, fyi, is the full text of the English-language appeal.

    28 December, 2004



    Once again, disaster has struck. With the earthquakes in Alor and Nabire still so fresh in our minds, we must now grieve for the victims of the disaster in Sumatera. On Sunday an earthquake shook the coast of Aceh, causing a 10 meter high tsunami. The sudden rise in the water level engulfed many seaside buildings and took over 12,000 lives not only in Indonesia but also in neighbouring countries. In Indonesia people have been reported killed in Aceh, North and West Sumatera. The highest number of deaths has occurred on the coast of Sri Lanka and India, with victims also in Thailand and Malaysia.

    Given the high number of deaths and the cross border nature of the disaster, the international attention is not surprising. We are grateful for the sympathy of the international community which has been quick to respond to this terrible event. At the same time we would feel ashamed if we did not do something to help our fellow countrymen and women who have suffered such an ordeal.

    That is why we invite you all to send your condolences and sympathy to the victims and encourage our listeners to gather contributions for those who are clearly in great need. Once these contributions have been gathered together, we plan to send them to Aceh via the members of our radio network in the province. This can be only a modest contribution compared to the scale of the need, but with it we hope to demonstrate our solidarity with the victims of this terrible disaster and help in a small way to reduce their suffering. At a time when support for our fellow human beings is so much needed, we must not be silent.

    Donations (in any currency) can be sent to:

    Bank BCA
    Bank Branch: Utan Kayu, Kantor Cabang Pembantu, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Bank Account Number: 5800091090
    Bank Account Name: PT Media Lintas Inti Nusantara SWIFT Code: cenaidja

    Listen to updates on the latest situation in Aceh through 68Hs local radio network members throughout Indonesia and, in Jakarta, on 89.2 FM.

    Thank you,

    Heru Hendratmoko Program Director Radio News Agency 68H

  2. Jeremy

    Here’s a note from someone close to 68H on what they’ve been doing:

    68H is doing an amazing job in the midst of all this, by the way. As well as providing regular updates on the situation on the ground (they have sent one of their reporters there armed with a sat phone and are in touch with some of their radio partners in the province, though some of the stations no longer exist, having been swept away in the tsunami) they are encouraging people trying to get news of relatives to call/sms them and then air these on the radio. They are getting a hundred or so messages a day, and have succeeded in getting information on some people’s relatives, amazingly enough.

  3. rose

    I was so inspired to read about the kindness of those who are doing all they can to help with the relief efforts.
    God Bless!


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