‘Tis The Season Of The Large Christmas Email Attachment

By | December 23, 2004

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas greetings via email, but then again I’m useless at sending cards too, so I’m not a good person to talk about this. But while I’m guessing the online Christmas card industry is not doing very well this year because of phishing (there have been more than a few examples of phishers using this particular kind of social engineering to lure victims), I’m also not that happy about the email Christmas card attachment, which still seems to have its followers. I’m talking about the bulky JPEG, PDF or Word file that says not only ‘happy Christmas’ but ‘I’m assuming you’re on a fast Internet connection and don’t mind 1 megabyte downloads’.

My advice to those considering this methods of transmitting their love over the Internet: keep the file size under 100 kilobytes, or be ready for some less than happy recipients.

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