Email Goes Unlimited

By | August 15, 2004

First there was Gmail, with its 1 gigabyte email storage service. Now unveiled today, there’s AlienCamel, an Australian email service claiming to be the first to offer unlimited email storage.

First off, a declaration of interest: I’ve been using AlienCamel for a while, and have gotten to the know the guy behind the service, Sydney Low. But I have to say it’s a pretty good offer for $16 a half year, along with very good spam filtering and virus-free emails, courtesy of Bayesian filtering, a neat system of advising you when there’s email that appears to not be spam but from someone who’s not on your whitelist, and two virus engines (Kaspersky and ClamAV) to keep your emails free of nasties.

I’d recommend a tryout. It’s not a perfect world when you have to pay extra for an email service on top of your ISP account, but unless your ISP offers good customer support, good spam filtering, decent online storage and virus-free email, services like this make a lot of sense.

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