Update: PaperPort vs PaperMaster

By | August 9, 2003
 There’s been quite a bit of discussion here about PaperMaster and Paperport, two scanning and filing programs that in the past have been very useful tools. But now I’m not so sure. Both have glitches that I find worrying.
I’ve reviewed PaperPort, which I think is a good program, but I was alarmed to suddenly find some files disappearing, in the transition from editing to saving. Has anyone else had this experience? The problem with Papermaster, which I haven’t reviewed yet, has a way of saving files into the Acrobat format, but not to view them in the program. Neither is there any way that I can figure out to convert the PDF file to the eFax file that Papermaster now uses to view and save documents. What’s the point of that, I wonder? Thoughts anyone?

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