Update: Blasting the Worm

By | August 14, 2003
 From the guys at Security Magazine, an update on the Blaster worm, or LovSan, as they call it:
  • Malware writers have spawned multiple variants of the Lovsan worm, the most dangerous of which installs a remote-access Trojan on infected systems.
  • LovSan “is similar in magnitude to Code Red and Nimda, but its ramifications are much greater because it targets a wide range of
    Microsoft OSes instead of just Web servers,” says Forrester analyst Michael Rasmussen.
  • “Pretty much the entire world will have to run the update to Windows XP and 2000,” said David Perry, global director of education for antivirus software vendor Trend Micro. “I think it will take a year or more to get the word out to people.”
  • Computer Economics estimates that Lovsan.A has already caused $500 million globally and $100 million in the U.S. in damages and lost productivity.

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