Software: Spam Bully out of beta

By | July 2, 2003
 Spam Bully, an email spam filter that integrates into Outlook and Outlook Express, is now out of beta and officially ready to go.
I haven’t given Spam Bully a test run, but it uses Bayesian Filters, an approach I wrote about a few weeks back, so in theory should work well.
From their press release: “Spam Bully’s self-learning email filter uses a probability based mathematical theory developed by 18th century British clergyman Thomas Bayes. Bayes’ theorem is based on the number of times an event has or has not occurred and the likelihood it will occur in the future. Using Bayes’ theories in conjunction with email filtration allows Spam Bully to determine the probability that an email is “spam” based on the words it contains. Spam Bully’s Bayesian filter was created from over 35,000 spam messages, allowing it to intelligently learn which words spammers are likely to use. Spam Bully will adapt itself to a user’s own email preferences and over time continually adjusts to new types of spam.”
Spam Bully costs $30.

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