Software: Mozilla browser gets serious

By | July 2, 2003
 The open-source web browser Mozilla is back. The newest release, 1.4, wins the approval of eWEEK Labs, which found the new features “remarkable improvements that enhance what was already the best browser option out there”. These include different launch options for startup, new windows and new tabs, changes in popup blocking and image management, bookmark handling an improved HTML editor, a mail client that includes a Bayesian anti-spam filter.
Also released the same day as Mozilla 1.4 was Netscape 7.1, based on the Mozilla 1.4 code. Not much difference between them, but eWEEK suggests that “novice users will find it easier to get plug-ins running in Netscape”. Both are free.
This is the last version of a browser/email client, eWEEK say. Next time they’ll come in two separate versions.

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