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Netscape Diggs In and Elbows Out the Competition

By | June 15, 2006

AOL/Netscape has launched a beta of its new homepage that looks uncannily like Digg, a hugely popular site for techies to publish stuff and have their stories sorted by popularity. Actually it not only looks like Digg, two of the top three stories are Digg’s. AOL’s been smart tho: visit the source page and you can only do… Read More »

Flock and the Productive Web

By | November 4, 2005

This week’s column on WSJ.com (subscription only, I’m afraid) is about Flock, or about the things that Flock will help us do more easily, such as post to blogs, post to Flickr, turn boring bookmarks into a wealth of shared knowledge on del.icio.us, and generally make the browser a real platform for productivity: One of the fun things… Read More »


By | July 25, 2005

Here, for those of you still lapping up the whole USB programs off your thumb-drive thing, is FingerGear’s Computer-On-a-Stick: The Computer-On-a-Stick (COS) is a USB Flash Drive featuring its own ultra fast Onboard Operating System with a full suite of Microsoft Office-compatible applications. According to Tom’s Hardware Guide, the drive is 256 MB and has programs taking up… Read More »

A New Version Of Copernic’s Desktop Search Toolbar

By | February 24, 2005

Just in case you haven’t heard this elsewhere, Copernic has released a new version of their excellent Desktop Search toolbar that. among other things, fully supports Mozilla Thunderbird, including indexing of Thunderbird emails, attachments, and contacts. Also announced was support for indexing Eudora emails and attachments and many exciting new features based on feedback from a wide variety… Read More »

A Closer Look At The Microsoft Browser Message

By | February 14, 2005

Looking a bit more closely at this message on Microsoft’s new website, I can’t help wondering whether it’s not just a niggling little inconvenience but a conscious strategy. Consider this: If one clicks on the link offering more help on supported browsers you get this message: Note, the message reads: We are aware that some users are experiencing problems… Read More »