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Interview With Firefox’s Ben Goodger

I was fortunate to be able to fire off some questions to Ben Goodger, Lead Engineer of Mozilla Firefox by email, for this week’s column on browsers in the Asian Wall Street Journal/ (subscription only). Here’s a full transcript of the interview. 1) How different has it been, getting Firefox into shape, than if the operation were run as a commercial operation? It’s been an enormous challenge for a huge number of people. Over the years, hundreds of engineers have contributed code, hundreds and thousands more testing and other types of materials, probably millions of man-hours spent. The major difference and biggest benefit to theContinue readingInterview With Firefox’s Ben Goodger

Is Firefox Really Gaining Ground?

Is there any truth to the buzz that Mozilla Firefox is gaining ground on Internet Explorer? EWeek seems to think so, earlier this month quoting WebSideStory and as saying they have seen about a 1% drop in IE usage. The Ziff Davis logs appear to confirm this. But whichever figures you like of those, it still means IE accounts for between 94% and 95% of traffic. Here are some figures of my own I’ve found: W3Schools indicates that Mozilla has been gaining steady ground since January 2003, from 4% of visitors then to 13.7% in July. (Some folk have pointed out that this statisticContinue readingIs Firefox Really Gaining Ground?

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