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Flock and the Productive Web

By | November 4, 2005

This week’s column on WSJ.com (subscription only, I’m afraid) is about Flock, or about the things that Flock will help us do more easily, such as post to blogs, post to Flickr, turn boring bookmarks into a wealth of shared knowledge on del.icio.us, and generally make the browser a real platform for productivity: One of the fun things… Read More »

Microsoft, The Petty Giant

By | February 13, 2005

Microsoft have a nice new look to their website, including a goalkeeper who looks like he doesn’t really know his job. But what is it with the error message, in bright red, that appears at the top of the browser on pages such as Office if you use Firefox 1.0? Warning: You are viewing this page with an… Read More »

Internet Explorer Euthanasia

By | September 25, 2004

Is Microsoft intentionally allowing Internet Explorer to die? It’s not brand-spanking new as an idea, but that’s the suggestion (I’m guessing the URL; it’s not posted on the website yet) of Dana Blankenhorn, who writes a newsletter called A-Clue.com. In it he writes: Microsoft is deliberately letting Internet Explorer lose the browser market to Mozilla’s Firefox. Microsoft won’t… Read More »

Is Firefox Really Gaining Ground?

By | July 27, 2004

Is there any truth to the buzz that Mozilla Firefox is gaining ground on Internet Explorer? EWeek seems to think so, earlier this month quoting WebSideStory and OneStat.com as saying they have seen about a 1% drop in IE usage. The Ziff Davis logs appear to confirm this. But whichever figures you like of those, it still means… Read More »

News: Netscape Is Dead, Er, Long Live Mozilla

By | July 17, 2003

 AOL has effectively killed off Netscape, the browser that started the whole WWW thing, laying off 50 developers and moving what is left of the project — an open source version of the browser called Mozilla — to a non-profit basis, Paul Thurrott of WinInfo writes in its latest newsletter.    AOL purchased Netscape in November 1998 for… Read More »