Old Habits, or New Uses?


Young hospital worker using her cellphone in a phone booth, Jakarta, April 2007

Either she uses the phone booth out of habit from her pre-cellphone days, or else she’s making use of a privacy feature of old technology — the sound-proofing booth — her new technology doesn’t offer.


  1. There is a third option: she’s in a place (culturally or geographically) where the payphone represents the acceptable zone to speak on your phone.

    I see this at many hospitals in the US, there will be a waiting room where cell phones aren’t allowed and some payphones out in the hall that nobody uses except to lean against while chatting on their cellphone.

    – Mike

  2. Shade. She is getting out of the sun.

    Did I guess right? What did I win?

    Apologies for double posting but the previous version seems to be lost.

    Oh and I just got Loose Wire from Amazon.ca…after more than 2 months. Need to see about that canadian distribution, mate

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