The Sound of the Crowd as Trigger

By | May 1, 2007
British Telecom (BT) is working on software that picks out the best bits of a soccer game and puts it together as a presentation. The software – developed over four years – views a football match and produces a graph assessing each passage of play, saving only what it considers to be the most interesting moments.
It selects them based not on a sophisticated understanding of football but on “factors such as the volume and excitement levels of the crowd and the commentator, changes in camera views and the amount of motion and speed of play at any time.”
Clever idea, really, although I’m guessing you couldn’t do the same thing for tennis. Or chess. Or cricket. Or lawn bowls.

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“If you’ve ever been in another room while a match is on you’ll get an idea how it works. You hear the volume rise with the crowd and you know something interesting has happened.”

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