Resetting a Dopod

I couldn’t find any of this information anywhere coherent or easy to locate, so here it is in one place. Of limited usefulness, I know, but this is a public service that gets me to heaven at some point.

Dopod 818 hard reset:

  • Press Camera button + Communication button (the one lower than volume switch). Keep holding them;
  • Use your stylus to hit the soft reset button. Keep holding the two buttons.
  • Screen will go black with the text “Press Send to restore to factory default, Other keys to quit”. Release the two side buttons
  • Hit the send button (the green phone button). Release.

Dopod 900 hard reset;

  • Press both “-“ buttons together and hold;
  • Press “reset” button with stylus, hold for at least 2 seconds;
  • Release reset button;
  • Screen will go white, and you’ll be asked to press 0 to reset, x to quit. You can release both “-“ buttons.
  • Press “0” (that’s zero) and release.

Dopod 577W

  • Go to Accessories folder.
  • Choose option Clear Storage
  • You’ll be asked to key in 1234 to confirm.
  • This will hard reset and restore to factory defaults

Neat machines, by the way.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Was figuring out how to hard reset my Dopod 818 Pro until I come across this link.

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