From Cubicle Slave to Mobile Slave

I kinda liked the irony in this, but at the same time realised it illustrates the sad fact that many of us are slaves to the office even when we’re not there. Reuters’ website reports that the UK’s Trades Union Congress has launched “where workers can take a quiz to diagnose themselves as a “desk junkie”, “stay late sheep” or one of five other types of overworker.”

The idea, of course is to get people to work their proper hours and then go and have a life. While the Reuters photo on the left certainly captures the grimness of cubicle life, the accompanying “5 to 9” Cisco ad on the right suggests that the cubicle isn’t really the prison: it’s our computer, and the “secure collaborative networks” companies set up to get more out of their workers. The blurb at the bottom of the ad, by the way, says “Work anywhere, anytime with secure collaborative networks.”


4 thoughts on “From Cubicle Slave to Mobile Slave

  1. hah this is hilarious, both for the ad placement, as well as the fact that Unions are retarded. They served a VERY needed purpose back in the day, but now they are just a bit much.

  2. Syd, thanks, the link is fixed, but it appears the ad has been removed, or else is dynamically inserted into the page, so now it no longer appears. I didn’t save a copy of the page, but the image above probably gives enough of an idea.

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