Firefox’s Big Menus

Playing with the new Firefox and it’s nice, although I don’t like the way some old extensions seem to have disappeared, such as the one which lets me use Opera-style mouse gestures to move through pages. Another thing I’m not crazy about is the default gap, or spacing, between rows of menu and bookmark items, which is larger than in the old version, reducing the number of menu/bookmark items you can see on a screen:


This may be fine for people with huge monitors, but not for us ordinary joes. Excuse me if I’m being dense, but I’ve looked around the options and online but can’t see any obvious way to alter this, although I’m sure there must be one. Any thoughts, folks?

5 thoughts on “Firefox’s Big Menus

  1. Actually, I quite enjoy the larger spacing in the new Firefox, it’s a lot easier to find things in menus. I did notice that between release candidates that the spacing in between the bookmarks reduced, which is probably to do with fitting as many visible bookmarks onto the screen at once, but on the other menus, such as File and Edit, I can’t see why anyone would have enough menu items to not fit them all on screen.

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