Backpack, A New Organizer Website

An interesting new addition to the calendar/organizing websites: Backpack:

Backpack is so flexible and easy, you’ll use it to…

Plan a personal/business trip
Keep track of what your competitors are doing
Plan a home improvement project
Collaborate on a new business idea
Keep track of houses you’re considering buying
Gather information for a research project
Keep a list of gift ideas for friends and family
Brainstorm product/company names
Build a list of recommended restaurants, and plenty more…

Iā€™m checking it out now.


  1. umm wouldnt you be able to do the same thing with a regular blog, which you setup to have multiple admins ? or use something like outlook with shared resources?
    i guess the good thing about this, is that you dont need to lug your computer or files with you.
    as long as you have a *warnet* or internet cafe, you are golden.
    its a cool idea, but the fact that you have to pay is kinda lame… ( i have made the association that the internet is a source of free stuff šŸ™‚ )


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