ZabaSearch, A New People Search Engine

By | May 4, 2005

Here’s a new — and perhaps scary — way to find out about people in the U.S.: .

It throws up details of most folk in the U.S., often including their birthdate, along with links to premium services, such as background checks. The search engine plows through nearly 30,000 free databases.

2 thoughts on “ZabaSearch, A New People Search Engine

  1. New Search Engine, SirSeek (AKA, lists personal/private information such as street addresses, unlisted phone numbers, birth year, maps how to get to your house, satellite photos of people’s homes, etc) and (also does similar searces) seems to be an invasion of privacy. I know that these are public records and that are not to blame (businesses and government are to blame for leaking this data), but people do not know that if you even simply register to vote or request to join the army/military in USA, you name/address/telephone are made public information (muti billion dollar industry selling our private info) without you having to sign a consent form or without asking permission! Even where you buy a domain name (lease actually, no single person actually owns a domain name, even Bill Gates does not own, your address, name and telephone number are added to public records that anyone with an internet connection can retrieve this data to harrass you or even SPAM you (don’t forget that deranged cyberstalkers can find you now)! I think all Americans should make a class action law suit against this type of crime which businesses and gov’t are doing!

    Don’t be mad at for providing public data! Maybe Americans should not vote for presidents or give personal data to businesses!

    Supposedly you can have your private data removed from the ZabaSearch database deleted by requesting it at (but that does not mean your data is not posted somewhere else like

  2. makki sligar

    im trying to help my husband try to locate where his father is buried, and when/where he died.


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