News: A Worm With A Mission

 Further to my posting about SpamCop, it seems that a new virus, actually a worm, is aiming at bringing down SpamCop and some other anti-spam sites. Is it more evidence of collusion between sleazy spammers and spotty virus writers?
Sophos reports that W32/Mimail-E is a worm which spreads via email using addresses harvested from the hard drive of the infected computer. It arrives with the subject line : don’t be late!, and the message Will meet tonight as we agreed, because on Wednesday I don’t think I’ll make it, so don’t be late. And yes, by the way here is the file you asked for. It’s all written there. See you. It looks as if it’s sent by someone called John on your domain.
The worm will then attempt denial of service attacks — bombarding a specific website with tonnes of digital rubbish — on anti-spam sites such as , and