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News: The Palm (Family) Tree

 In case you’re interested, Palm, Inc. is now “palmOne, Inc.” This follows the company’s spin-off this fall of PalmSource, Inc., the software/Operating System part of the business. The name “palmOne, Inc.” will encompass the sub–brands Zire(tm) and Tungsten(tm), as well as Treo, upon the completion of the planned acquisition of Handspring, Inc., also expected this… Read More »

Hardware: Palm Unveils the Tungsten T2

Palm, Inc. today introduced the Palm Tungsten T2 handheld, with the emphasis on multimedia features: — 32MB SDRAM (29.5MB user available) of memory for twice the storage capacity of the original Tungsten T handheld — Palm’s sharpest color screen — a high-resolution 320 x 320 transflective TFT display — for better indoor and outdoor viewing… Read More »

Column: the Zire 71

Loose Wire — Zire: It’ll Set You On Fire: Palm’s newest PDA, the Zire 71, is funky, affordable and aimed squarely at the hip young crowd; But with features like a hidden camera and an MP3 player, grown-ups will be tempted to play, too By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 15 May 2003 edition of the… Read More »