News: The Palm (Family) Tree

By | August 18, 2003
 In case you’re interested, Palm, Inc. is now “palmOne, Inc.” This follows the company’s spin-off this fall of PalmSource, Inc., the software/Operating System part of the business. The name “palmOne, Inc.” will encompass the subbrands Zire(tm) and Tungsten(tm), as well as Treo, upon the completion of the planned acquisition of Handspring, Inc., also expected this fall.

The logo blurb: “Chosen after scores of interviews with Palm customers, partners, employees, naming consultants and industry influencers, the new name is characterised in two colours – deep red for the word “palm” and vibrant orange for “One,” reflecting the subbrand colours for the company’s Tungsten line of solutions for mobile professionals and businesses  and its Zire line of solutions for consumers and multimedia enthusiasts, respectively.  Products will begin to bear the new brand name in 2004.

I’m not crazy about the logo and colours, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it…

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