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Bluetooth Away From The Cellphone

By | July 26, 2004

Is Bluetooth finally moving out of the world of mobile phones? The Gadgeteer feels so, highlighting some new toys including two pairs of Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth mouse. Here is their review of Bluetake’s i-PHONO BT420EX stereo headphones and BT500 Bluetooth Mouse, and here is Sonorix’s Bluetooth audio player What’s interesting, too, is that some of these are from… Read More »

The Yoga Of Cellphone Reception

By | July 21, 2004

I love this posting, which seems in some way to lead on from my earlier posts about Mobile Manners: Rael Dornfest posts about the problems of getting a decent signals indoors on MobileWhack (via blueserker) and explains how he has dealt with the ‘Last Yard’, where ”mobile users [are] scrambling for the nearest exit or pressed up against the… Read More »