The Yoga Of Cellphone Reception

By | July 21, 2004

I love this posting, which seems in some way to lead on from my earlier posts about Mobile Manners:

Rael Dornfest posts about the problems of getting a decent signals indoors on MobileWhack (via blueserker) and explains how he has dealt with the ‘Last Yard’, where ”mobile users [are] scrambling for the nearest exit or pressed up against the windows in a particular direction–that depending on the direction of their carrier’s nearest cell tower.” His solution: a wireless headset and the cellphone resting on a window ledge, or wherever the signal is clearest. I know the feeling. My 27th floor office/home is not the kindest to reception, which is why I love SMS.

Of course, there are funny looks, prompting the obvious question: Why have we come to the point where technology helps us communicate better, but we have to contort ourselves into strange positions to do it?

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