Bluetooth Away From The Cellphone

By | July 26, 2004

Is Bluetooth finally moving out of the world of mobile phones?

The Gadgeteer feels so, highlighting some new toys including two pairs of Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth mouse. Here is their review of Bluetake’s i-PHONO BT420EX stereo headphones and BT500 Bluetooth Mouse, and here is Sonorix’s Bluetooth audio player

What’s interesting, too, is that some of these are from Korea (only Bluetake is not, being Taiwanese). Korea and Japan have been slow to adopt Bluetooth, partly, I guess, because few of their companies are part of the Bluetooth consortium, partly because of different usage patterns.

I met a few Korean companies at CommunicAsia trying to change that, in particular SeeCode, which is selling a range of Bluetooth gadgets, not all of them phone-oriented.  None of them appear to be available on their website yet, but (according to their brochure I picked up, which relies on a charming version of English I’m not too familiar with) they include Viasync, which seems to be a sort of Bluetooth conference call device cum VoIP phone cum car handsfree, and the Viodio, which seems to be an MP3 player with a Bluetooth wireless headset (although, somewhat confusingly, the picture shows someone using very wireless-less earphones.)

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