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How To Run Programs From a USB Drive

By | September 16, 2005

Great comment from Fausto Di-Trapani on my posting An Updated Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives. Fausto points to a great little program that removes the need to browse through sub-folders when running applications from a USB drive: Being an extensive traveller, a portable computing environment is a MUST. A great little program I came across is… Read More »

U3’s First USB Program?

By | August 10, 2005

So far the U3 initiative — where manufacturers agree on a standard way to have programs running from USB thumb drives — has been more bark than bite. But here’s an announcement that provides a little nibble of the potential: StealthSurfer II, its manufacturers announce, is now Compatible with U3 Platform. StealthSurfer II will be compatible with the… Read More »

Running Linux Off Your Thumb

By | July 21, 2005

Following on from my Directory of programs for USB drives, here’s another Linux offering, allowing you to run GNU/Linux from a USB pen drive: You can carry GNU/Linux in your pocket with a functional, quick, and useful USB pen drive distribution. Pen drives are faster than CDs, and the small distros that fit on them don’t require huge… Read More »

Another USB Drive-Friendly Program: wikidPad

By | May 19, 2005

Further to my growing collection of programs that run off USB drives, here’s another, noticed by someone in Australia who prefers to remain anonymous: wikidPad, an excellent freeform database, outliner and textpad. I copied wikidPad from my PC to a jump drive and hey presto! it works on PC’s without wikidPad installed. The only hitch is that wikidPad… Read More »