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How To Cut A Long URL Short

By | August 7, 2004

(This post was originally made a few months ago at the loose wire blog. As part of efforts to streamline Loose Wire’s online activities, the material at loose wire cache is being moved to the blog. A list of the resources can be under either the Resources list in the sidebar or the Resources category, also in the… Read More »

More On URL-shortening Services And Security

By | April 12, 2004

It’s not necessarily a gloomy outlook for URL-shortening services like TinyURL and SnipURL. In my previous post I explored the possibility that these services might be used, or might already have been used, by scammers to disguise a malicious link. The fear is that as they get more popular, and users unthinkingly click on them, they are used… Read More »

A Directory Of RSS Readers For Windows

By | March 27, 2004

A new resource for Loose Wire Cache: A list of quality RSS readers for Windows. If your favourite isn’t there, let me know. It’s not supposed to be a definitive list, just a ‘best of’. (Loose Wire Cache is a companion website to this blog. Please note the new URL: www.loose-wire.com . Most resource pages can be reached by… Read More »

How To Cut A Long URL Short

By | February 16, 2004

Nothing that new here, but I thought it useful to point out: A way to turn long URLs into short ones, so you can paste links into emails without them wrapping (and therefore becoming unusable) etc etc. In most cases you just visit the site, enter the URL you want to abbreviate, and hey presto! you get a… Read More »

News: Phew. Search Engines Are Safe, For Now

By | July 20, 2003

  From the I Didn’t Know I Was Breaking The Law Dept, you’ll be relieved to know that deep linking is now legal, at least in Germany. Thank God for that. Er, what is deep linking?   Basically a deep link takes you from one webpage to another page that isn’t the homepage on another website. Nothing wrong with… Read More »