How To Cut A Long URL Short

By | February 16, 2004

Nothing that new here, but I thought it useful to point out: A way to turn long URLs into short ones, so you can paste links into emails without them wrapping (and therefore becoming unusable) etc etc. In most cases you just visit the site, enter the URL you want to abbreviate, and hey presto! you get a new short URL that should last forever. (A lot of them can be added to your browser toolbar via Javascript which makes the whole thing even easier.)


This is not exhaustive; much of this list is from, which compares their features.

8 thoughts on “How To Cut A Long URL Short

  1. Sepanta

    I have a question you may can help me to find answer.
    In most of countries, such as mine Iran, the government filter specially political sites known as “filtering”. There is som other site that we kan use to avoid this filtering, such, etc.
    The problem is that our government filter these sites too and we never reach so laong. Both we and our anti democtratic government are on every day basis looking after such “anti filter” sites, we to use it and them to filter it.
    Is that possible to use “short url” or “long url” to avoid filtering?
    Can any modification be done for this matter?
    If you know any solution for filtering, please let me know.
    With regards

  2. hamid

    I am designer and IT engineering I want true information about “scent dome”.
    please explain the technology for me with good
    picture .you can send in my weblog .
    thank you
    HRT Department

  3. GetAnyIP


    I would say there are many short URL generation services, and so far I have used:,

    And I don’t think they can solve your filteration problem. Instead, you can search for such anonymous surfing service on web, I am sure you will find lot of them.


  4. Alex

    I use I like it because it is the simplest of all the ones I have used. Plus you can make addresses a lot shorter than the others because it is relatively new. You can also track your URL, customise and protect it.



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