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Blogs and Diaries from the War

By | May 30, 2006

I’ve been writing in my WSJ.com column recently about the loss of tangible history, where our move to digital artefacts — letters replaced by emails, snapshots by digital pictures, SMS messages by postcards — is depriving of us of things we can touch to reconnect us to the past. A wonderful piece by the NYT’s Seth Mydans in… Read More »

Translate This

By | May 10, 2006

I’m a sucker for this kind of thing: Translator Boomerang (thanks, Satya), which translates from English into a foreign language and then back again, just for laughs, really (I suppose one could say something pompous about how this reflects the difficulty of translation etc.): Google Translator Boomerang is a silly little program that uses the Google Translation engine to… Read More »

News: Elementary Mama, I’m Inconvenient

By | August 21, 2003

 Hot on the heels of the dog and cat translator: the baby cry translator. I leave it to Excite Japan, who tell the story better than I: The “translator of a baby’s cry” for an elementary mama appeared. This equipment that analyzed and made the kind of a baby’s cry shows a baby’s feeling by five, a hungry feeling,… Read More »

Column: No More Information Overload

By | June 28, 2003

Loose Wire — No More Information Overload    Now, the news you choose to read can be delivered in a friendly format that won’t clog your inbox By Jeremy Wagstaff   from the 3 July 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. This is not another column about spam, but… Read More »