News: Elementary Mama, I’m Inconvenient

By | August 21, 2003
 Hot on the heels of the dog and cat translator: the baby cry translator. I leave it to Excite Japan, who tell the story better than I: The “translator of a baby’s cry” for an elementary mama appeared. This equipment that analyzed and made the kind of a baby’s cry shows a baby’s feeling by five, a hungry feeling, sleepiness, stress, and inconvenient, and the degree of correctness exceeds 90%.
A certain mother is performing the clinical test in the 議政府 (WIJOMBU) saint’s mother hospital. By the schedule put on the market from September, a price is the level of 180,000won (about 18,000 yen). 申寅燮 (Singh in soup) journalist. Come to Elementary Mama.

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