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Phishing Your Yahoo! Account

By | March 25, 2005

More evidence that phishers are widening their net. Munir Kotadia of ZDNet Australia reports that Yahoo’s free instant-messaging (IM) service is being targeted by phishers in an attempt to steal usernames, passwords and other personal information. Yahoo confirmed on Thursday its service was being targeted by a phishing scam. According to the search giant, attackers are sending members… Read More »

The Phishing War Escalates

By | December 7, 2004

The guys at Netcraft, a British security consultancy that has done a good job of tracking, exploring and warning about phishing, say they’ve come across the first case of cross site scripting being used in the wild for phishing purposes. This isn’t as arcane as it sounds, since it allows phishers to make their lure appear to even… Read More »

Phishing And The Future Of Banking

By | February 22, 2004

Could phishing kill off online banking?   Probably not, but it’s likely to force greater regulation by central banks and others which will, reckon British-based Internet security consultants mi2g, mean “the next generation of electronic banking may have to rely on deeper layers of authentication that couple passwords with biometric security and smart card authentication.”   Mi2g estimate there have been… Read More »