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Banks To Customers: You Have To Pay For Phishing

Good article in Australia’s BRW Magazine about phishing and banks. It makes some important points, not least that banks are still trying to talk down the problem while at the same time passing costs and risk onto the customer: Banks are desperate to assure their customers that internet banking is safe. But their actions are not… Read More »

Internet Banking And The Threat From Within

Saw a chilling presentation today from Fabrice A Marie of FMA-RMS at the Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 conference in Jakarta. Fabrice talked about Hacking Intenet Banking Applications, something he does for a living on behalf of banks around the region. Bottom line: They’re easy to hack. Of 15 banks’ application assessments he worked on… Read More »

A Glimpse Of The Internet Banking Future?

One bank in my town has stopped offering Internet banking, and suddenly I feel I can see the future post-phishing. Of course, the bank is not saying it’s abandoning Internet banking. Nor is it saying that the fact that now customers have to dial into a modem in the bank to access their account is… Read More »

The Phishing War Escalates

The guys at Netcraft, a British security consultancy that has done a good job of tracking, exploring and warning about phishing, say they’ve come across the first case of cross site scripting being used in the wild for phishing purposes. This isn’t as arcane as it sounds, since it allows phishers to make their lure… Read More »