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Singapore Details ‘Waves’ of Cyberattacks

By | December 5, 2010

Officials and delegates from APEC economies were targeted ahead of last year’s Singapore meeting with malware-laden emails faked so they appeared to have been sent by Singapore government officials on the Organising Committee. Singapore officials have said the attacks were not the first on the country. Although Singapore regularly highlights threats to national security—including Islamic terrorism—the admission that… Read More »

Cupid’s (Possibly) Poison Arrow

By | February 8, 2006

Could Valentine’s Day be a phishing day? Internet Security Systems, Inc. reckons so, saying in a press release (no URL available yet) that the number of dating sites across the world has increased by 17 per cent within the last twelve months. ISS reckons this rise “is partly attributed to the increase in malevolent websites used by developers… Read More »

Which is Bigger? Porn Or Phishing?

By | July 21, 2005

Less than two years ago no one had heard of phishing and getting my editors excited about it as a problem wasn’t a cakewalk. Now, according to a report in SiliconRepublic.com, it’s bigger than porn spam: Since the beginning of this year, the number of phishing scams has risen from 1pc to 8.3pc of the total volume of… Read More »

More On Minnow Phishing

By | June 13, 2005

Here’s some more on the phishers targeting smaller institutions: The Anti-Phishing Working Group has warned that smaller banks scams are surfacing with increasing frequency. The group’s monthly report warned that “hackers are modifying their attack methods by shifting away from attacking popular or large institutions.” Credit unions are increasingly baring the brunt of this new innovation. The total… Read More »

A Honeypot To Catch A Phisher

By | May 20, 2005

Netcraft. the British Internet security consultancy, highlight a new Honeynet Report on Traffic to Phishing Sites, showing that despite months of intensive anti-fraud education efforts by the banking industry a lot of people still click on through to fraudulent phishing sites: The study of phishing scams hosted on cracked web servers from The Honeynet Project documented two recent… Read More »