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Kiss Me Sir, Part II

A few months back I wrote about how English gets corrupted into interesting new forms —  The Asian Wall Street Journal into Asia Watching Journal, Asia Movie General or Asian World Strip Journal , ‘ excuse me sir’ into  “Kiss Me Sir”, “A Skirmisher”, “Ex Skirmisher” and “Kill Me Sir”. I’ve noticed there’s another tendency,… Read More »

My Kind Of Keyboard

This week in the Asian Wall Street Journal/WSJ.com (sub only) I write about keyboards. One little gadget I’ve taken a shine to in this area is the Bluetooth Smart Keyboard, made by an apparently anonymous company somewhere in China: As I mentioned in the column, it’s not great, but it’s surprising what they’ve managed to… Read More »

Firefox Resources

Further to this week’s column on browsers in the Asian Wall Street Journal/WSJ.com (subscription only) on Firefox and other browsers, check out my directory of browsers for a (by no means complete) list of what’s out there. Here’s the beginnings of a Directory of Firefox related sites: My Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks by Scott… Read More »

Interview With Firefox’s Ben Goodger

I was fortunate to be able to fire off some questions to Ben Goodger, Lead Engineer of Mozilla Firefox by email, for this week’s column on browsers in the Asian Wall Street Journal/WSJ.com (subscription only). Here’s a full transcript of the interview. 1) How different has it been, getting Firefox into shape, than if the… Read More »

The Tag Report I: A Chat With Gen Kanai

In today’s column (subscription required) for WSJ.com and The Asian Wall Street Journal‘s Personal Journal section I write about tags — the kind found on del.icio.us and Flickr. I spoke — or at least IMed — with some interesting people to research the story, and thought I’d post excerpts from some of the chats, with… Read More »